Antique Vintage Sterling Silver Native Santo Domingo Pueblo Bead Necklace 27.9g

Antique Vintage Sterling Silver Native Santo Domingo Pueblo Bead Necklace 27.9g
Antique Vintage Sterling Silver Native Santo Domingo Pueblo Bead Necklace 27.9g
Antique Vintage Sterling Silver Native Santo Domingo Pueblo Bead Necklace 27.9g

Antique Vintage Sterling Silver Native Santo Domingo Pueblo Bead Necklace 27.9g

We have similar Native and Pueblo Santo Domingo items, which would pair nicely with this piece, for sale this week. Listing Description by: Angela A. Age Circa: Antique Native Pueblo Santo Domingo C. Markings: Unmarked, tested, and guaranteed.

Country of Origin: United States, Pueblo Nation. Gram Weight: 27.9 grams. Diameter: 6.38 mm to 7.65 mm. Depth: 3.14 mm to 4.81 mm.

Color: opaque bright blue with mottled lighter blue hues, brown spiderwebbing and a tan, brown, and grey matrix. Accent Stone: Gaspeite, Onyx, Pipestone, Jasper, Shell. Gaspeite: 6.5 mm to 7.47 mm diameter, 4.18 mm to 5.76 mm depth, opaque lime green hue with mottled gray and lighter green hues. Onyx: 6.56 mm to 7.63 mm diameter, 3.04 mm to 3.63 mm depth, opaque black hue.

Pipestone : 6.69 mm and 6.90 mm diameter, 3.3 mm and 3.91 mm depth, opaque rust red hue. Jasper : 7.3 mm diameter, 6.83 mm depth, opaque yellow hue with mottled lighter yellow hues.

Shell : 3.48 mm to 7.6 mm diameter, 1.07 mm to 4.92 mm depth, opaque cream, tan, and brown hues. Stone Treatment: The stone(s) appear to be untreated, but we are not certified gemologists. Stone(s) have been tested and guaranteed using a professional Presidium Duo refractive, heat, and hardness tester.

Stone Cuts: Carved and polished heishi beads. Width: 0.13" to 0.30". Closure/Clasp Type: Hook and eye clasp.

Link Type: Carved and polished beads on string. Handmade by a talented Pueblo artisan located in Santa Domingo Pueblo (now Kewa Pubelo), New Mexico, in the 1950s. Features a long woven string adorned with a multitude of turquoise, gaspeite, onyx, pipestone, jasper, and shell heishi beads. The bright blue turquoise stones and lime green gaspeite contrast beautifully with the brown hues of the shell and the deep black onyx.

Each bead was expertly hand-carved, and the beads graduate in size with the largest beads at the center of the necklace. Finished with a hook and eye clasp for secure wear.

There are minor chips to several of the shell, gaspeite, and onyx beads; however, this does not affect wear, and the stones remain secure. This listing is for the item only. This beautiful piece was made by a very talented Native American silversmith.

It features handcrafted silversmith work throughout. Antique Native American jewelry is very rare to find. This is due to these pieces being made for reservation and personal use before the tourist trade became popular.

Very few pieces were made and even less survived to today. Kewa Pueblo, formerly known as Santo Domingo Pueblo, is located on the Rio Grande and is particularly known for Native Pueblo artists who create heishi necklaces made of bone, shell and turquoise beads, some of which are so finely cut that they almost look like strands of hair. These beautiful and colorful necklaces are also sometimes incorrectly identified as "Depression Jewelry", however their origin certainly predates the Great Depression, and they are still being made today by Kewa artists.

Pueblo artisans are also quite famous for their inlaid mosaic-like pieces. The concept of Pawn, Old Pawn, and Dead Pawn Native American Jewelry came to be in the 1800s. When a loan wasnt repaid, the item became known as either Old Pawn or Dead Pawn.

Heishi, or Heishe (pronounced hee shee), are tiny beads that are disc-, tube-, and even sometimes square-shaped, originally made from shell that has been ground and drilled. In modern times, Heishi has come to mean any tiny hand-made beads of any natural material. Modern Heishi pieces include stone, wood, bone, nuts, eggs, and metal. The oldest examples of Heishi date back to around 6000 BCE, to the Pueblo Native Americans, and is the oldest form of jewelry in New Mexico.

The word Heishi means shell and ancient Pueblo artisans used many kinds of seashells that they obtained through trade with tribes in the Gulf of California; including spiny oysters, mother-of-pearl, and melon shell. Turquoise is found all over the world and has been a popular semi-precious stone used in jewelry and art for thousands of years by many different cultures; from prehistoric times to the present. Turquoise comes in many beautiful color variations; from the popular bright solid sky-blue hues to dark blue hues with dark spiderwebbing throughout, as well as aqua, teal, and many green varieties, and even some rare white with dark spiderwebbing. Gaspeite was only recently discovered on the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec, Canada, in 1977.

This rare stone can range in color from muted greens to apple-green hues. The stone usually has a brown matrix throughout. The item "Antique Vintage Sterling Silver Native Santo Domingo Pueblo Bead Necklace 27.9g" is in sale since Sunday, April 18, 2021. This item is in the category "Jewelry & Watches\Ethnic, Regional & Tribal\Necklaces & Pendants". The seller is "abeautifultimeco" and is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

This item can be shipped worldwide.

Antique Vintage Sterling Silver Native Santo Domingo Pueblo Bead Necklace 27.9g

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